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Bleach episode 343 review.

I was really curious how the anime would react to this arc and I thought it was a bit odd. I liked that they made it feel like the first series of Bleach all over again where they are all just students and the comedy was back again. What I thought was really odd though was how unlike Bleach it felt. To me it could have just been any other slice of life anime which I’m not normally to keen on but this seemed to work somehow. Even the opening theme and majority of the video gave it the feel of a day-to-day life of students in a school. That’s not to say I think it was bad, I enjoyed the episode. It just felt different.

I give this episode 6 out of 10.


I understand that this is a new arc so the plot has to get started and since I read the manga I already know what will happen for a couple of months ahead but seeing the story in motion I realised I really don’t like some of the new design choices. I think Tatsuki’s hair looks really odd like the long bit at the back is just clipped on. I also don’t like how Orihime’s hair parts at the back though I do like the new fringe. Uryu’s new look though I really like. Much better than the old one anyway. I like how the design of Ichigo hasn’t changed at all since it gives us some familiarity with the Bleach of old.

As for the fullbringers, Since most of them haven’t spoken yet I can’t judge them on their voices yet but I’ll tell you something that looks really weird when you move from manga to anime. Jackie being black. That’s something I wasn’t ready for since she doesn’t look overly black in the manga. Anyway I guess we just have to wait and see what happens with the fullbringers. Hopefully their characters or back story will be fleshed out a bit more in the anime since we have been with them for over a year in the manga and we still know nothing about them. All in all though, a fair episode but nothing too exciting.


4 Responses to “Bleach episode 343 review.”

  1. dude I know you are a fan and as a fan you have to be somewhat critical but aren’t you being a little too critical…It’s just the first episode and the last arc was actually pretty good. I mean I’ve seen the whole evil clone thing done before in cartoons but I thought the Regai invasion was a good idea and a change of pace. Plus this is the season right now where Ichigo will be getting some new power so you know it will be something probably that we’ve never seen before and maybe Ichigo will be even better than he was before he started to lose his spiritual powers…who knows but it’s a little too early to be overly critical. Plus there’s no fillers so this season will be good I bet.

  2. Plus I’ve heard rumors that there will be an inevitable return of Aizen in the upcoming seasons so you know those two will throw down again and I’m actually looking forward to it….Yeah I know it’s somewhat predictable but you also have to take it from this aspect….how many times did Goku fight Vegeta and how epic those fights were. They fought 4 or 5 times and each battle was more epic then the last between the two. So try not to be too critical…this still is one of the better animes going on right now other than Naruto and One Piece….I mean if Bleach ended then what would take it’s place….how long would we have to wait for the next epic anime to come along…so appreciate it while it’s still going….

  3. I see what you mean. I was actually trying to stop myself sounding like I was licking Bleach’s arse. It’s my fave anime and I’m new to this reviewing thing but cheers for the feedback. 🙂 I’ll word things better in future.

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